When the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman (MBS), announced the country’s new plan VISION2030 in April 2016, it brought a positive wave to the country. Although many inside and in the west were still wary about this plan, and to what extent it can succeed in changing the image of the traditional system ruling. However the idea might seem heavily invested in the economic section to reduce Saudi’s independence on the oil, but it has also further focused on recreational, tourism and education.

As part of removing some socio-political pressure on women in Saudi Arabia, the country has made efforts to reform social and religious ruling, and to allow women to drive, run for municipal office or to enter stadiums accompanied by their male family members. In 2017 MBS had announced that “ultra-conservative state has been ‘not normal’ for the past 30 years,”  and that he was aware of the need to improve his country’s image through returning it to moderate Islam.