Syria is undoubtedly one of the tragedies of the twenty-first century. Millions of refugees, internally displaced people (IDPs), hundreds of thousands of injured or handicapped people, and more than half a million dead in a country with demolished infrastructure. All merely because of Assad’s family brutal dictatorship over forty years ruling.

The world was quite ambivalent to the Syrian’s people peaceful protest sparked on March 14, 2011, and this laid the ground for the Assad regime to turn the peaceful movement into bloodshed. Once the crisis continued, the Jihadi and extremists Islamic groups took advantage of the situation and grew quickly.

Syrian crisis happened before the eyes of the global community. Innocent men, women, and children lost a life, some because of the use of chemical weapons and others in mass murder.

Meanwhile, states such as Russia and Iran whose human rights record is nothing to be proud of have shamelessly supported the Bashar Al Assad. Allegedly, the Assad regime has committed seven times more crimes against humanity than the Islamic States (ISIS).

The MEHR Center’s mission is to defend the human rights and dignity in the Middle East while trying to improve the life of Syrians in Canada so they can live in peace, security, freedom, and a democracy. In this endeavor, we will cooperate with peer non-profit organizations of our peer to ensure revealing the pain and suffering of Syrian refugees.